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Non-invasive measurement of gases

The innovative technology in Neola® that allows for continuous monitoring and surveillance of preterm born infants’ lungs is called GASMAS (gas in scattering media absorption spectroscopy) – a groundbreaking method for measuring gases in body cavities that has been patented by Neola Medical. GASMAS was originally developed by researchers at Division of Atomic Physics at Lund University and has been further refined by Neola Medical.

GASMAS’ biomedical application currently enables non-invasive measurement of lung volume changes and oxygen gas concentration directly in the lungs. This method is completely revolutionary and unique and is based on the specific light absorption by oxygen and water vapor gas molecules compared to the absorption by liquid and solid compounds of tissue.

GASMAS is currently being applied in a medical device that can monitor the lungs in preterm born infants. A clinically proven and commercialized GASMAS technology has potential to fill even more gaps in health care by offering a safe and non-invasive method to measure volume changes and composition of gases inside cavities of the body.

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