To invest in Neola Medical

Our vision is for pretem babies to have a better start in life. By providing neonatal intensive care with a groundbreaking innovation to monitor the baby’s lungs that directly warns of complications, we are upgrading the care of these vulnerable children and gaining a unique position in the market for pediatric medical device.

Our unique and innovative medical technology device Neola® addresses the global market for neonatal intensive care. The patented technology can be used for a constant monitoring of the lungs of preterm babies. Neola® has an alarm function that can cause serious conditions such as lung collapse to be detected immediately, instead of as today, only when the physical signs that the child is not feeling well are so visible that they are detected by the neonatal doctor or nurse.

The company’s current product prototype has been developed in collaboration with leading clinical researchers in neonatology and has been used in research studies on newborns and in pre-clinical studies. The studies have shown the potential of the method to measure lung volume and oxygen concentration, as well as changes in these parameters. The company is now ready for the next step and commercializes Neola®, which means that the current product prototype of a medical technology device according to medical technology regulations in Europe and the USA.