In the latest analysis of Neola Medical, Analyst Group writes that the company is moving in the right direction despite prevailing macroeconomic conditions.
“We see that Neola Medical is going in the right direction, but simultaneously, the macroeconomic environment has been turbulent which has brought down valuations in general. However, it is important to note that our view of the company is positive where we continue to see a substantial upside in a Base scenario.

“An interesting comparison of Neola Medical can be made with SenTec, a Swiss MedTech company providing non-invasive respiratory monitoring solutions for patients in intensive care. From an investor perspective, it can be argued that, based on SenTec’s journey, the valuation of Neola Medical may increase gradually and get closer to SenTec in terms of size and revenue as the Company achieves its milestones over time.”

Neola Medical’s clinical trial results on new-born infants look very promising and short term pre-clinical animal trials have been successful, Analyst Group writes.

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