Photo: SVT

The super innovator, Sune Svanberg, a professor of atomic physics at Lund University and the technical founder of Neola Medical’s GASMAS technology, had the honor yesterday of sharing his tribute to this year’s Nobel laureate in physics and also colleague and close friend Anne L’Huillier, Professor at Lund University.

Sune Svanberg arrived in 1980 as a newly appointed researcher in atomic physics at LTH from Chalmers, bringing with him a group of talented collaborators. He developed laser physics from Lund into an expansive activity, putting LTH on the map nationally and internationally. Anne L’Huillier was one of these collaborators that Sune Svanberg brought from Paris to Lund, and together they developed foundational research in atomic physics, contributing to providing humanity with new tools.

“Anne L’Huillier has an enormous drive for her research […]. To get so far, that is, out to the outermost limits of science, requires tremendous dedication and perseverance. That’s exactly what Anne has had. […],” says Sune Svanberg, Professor Emeritus of Atomic Physics, to SVT during Nobel 2023.