Neola Medical is awarded innovation funds of 1 million SEK, 96 000 EUR, from Vinnova Gov. Offices Innovation Sweden, to further develop the business of sinus diagnostics.

The awarded project Sinus Monitoring for Bacterial Assessment, SIMBA, continues for 17 months and includes clinical pilot trial on volunteers with acute sinusitis using existing instrumentation. The gas measurements will be correlated to bacterial growth sampling.

Hanna Sjöström, CEO Neola Medical:
” The innovation funds give us the opportunity to perform a clinical pilot study and market analysis to take the next step in developing a medical device for sinus diagnostics.
Approximately 20% of all prescribed antibiotics relate to sinus infection, despite that most infections are caused by virus. With our medical device, clinicians will be able to make correct diagnoses of sinus infection already at the primary care center, and thereby likely reduce costly examinations, treatment plans and use of antibiotics.”