This is a translation of the Swedish press release published 2023-05-16

Neola Medical AB (publ) announces today that the company has been granted a new patent in the U.S. for an invention. This invention can enable measurement on more patient groups than preterm born infants by positioning the light source inside the body when measuring gas in the lungs.

“The U.S. is our most important market due to the large number of newborns, in particular the high rate of preterm born infants, and this patent is therefore of great strategic importance as it protects a significant part of the company’s technology. But what is perhaps even more essential is that the invention enables continuous lung monitoring in several patient groups, such as older children and perhaps also adults,” says Hanna Sjöström, CEO of Neola Medical.

The company already has a patent granted for the invention in China and has ongoing patent application for the invention in Europe.

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