Press communication
Lund, Sweden, August 8, 2023
This is a translation of the Swedish press release published 2023-08-08

Neola Medical AB (publ) announces today that the company’s trademark, Neola®, has been registered in the U.S, the company’s most important market. The new trademark registration mean that the company strengthens its competitiveness before the launch in the U.S of the company’s medical device for lung monitoring of preterm born infants.

“We are glad that our trademark Neola® now is registered in the U.S, our largest and most important market. With this registration we secure our position as an innovative and respected brand within intensive care of preterm born infants. We continue to build our brand as a symbol for groundbreaking medical technology with high quality and trust that focuses on the care of our smallest patients.”, says Hanna Sjöström, CEO at Neola Medical.

The company’s trademark, Neola®, has been registered in the U.S. for class 10 (Medical device) and class 42 (Science and technology services, R&D services). The trademark has already been registered in Europe, Australia, and China. The trademark registration is of great importance before the commercial launch of Neola®, as it strengthens the company’s positioning on the international market. Ensuring a strong trademark is an important part of the company’s market strategy and the registration of Neola® in the U.S. means that the company has extended its protection on its largest and most important future market.

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