On March 21–23 it is time for this year’s “Sweden Innovation Days”. A fully digital event organized by Vinnova in collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency, Formas, Business Sweden, Ignite Sweden, SISP and AI Sweden. The event is dedicated to fostering international collaboration and there is something of interest for everyone.

This year’s event will focus on how to enable innovation that has a real impact on our society, environment, and economy. On March 22 at 10.00 (CET), Neola Medical’s CEO Hanna Sjöström participates in a side event organized by Vinnova and Nordic innovation House, where she will be in a panel interview and discuss how to take a Swedish innovation to the American market. In the session, there will be a discussion about the latest trends and current state of tech and innovation in Silicon Valley, and what to expect from the future. Don’t miss this!

Read more about the event and sign up here (for free): https://swedeninnovationdays.se/side-event/silicon-valley-a-mindset-not-a-location/