This is a translation of the Swedish press release published 2023-07-10

The market preparations before the launch continues with regulatory processes, visits to the PAS-conference in Washington, increased protection for Neola® through a new U.S. patent and trademark registered as well as a new strategic project – Neola Medical’s CEO tells more in the new investor letter for summer 2023.

In the summer investor letter, CEO Hanna Sjöström tells more about the PAS-conference in Washington, DC, where the Irish research team from INFANT Center presented a poster where the technology in Neola® has been evaluated. Additionally, she tells more about the market preparation work before launch of Neola®, where the focus initially will be the American market. One part of this work is to increase the protection for Neola® in the U.S., and in this investor letter she tells more about a new patent in the U.S. Moreover, she tells more about the work with a launch strategy for the American market together with expert consultants in the U.S., and the opening of an office at Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley.

Read the entire press release, including the investor letter, here (in Swedish): Press release