Neola Medical recently announced the start of market preparations before the launch of the lung monitoring system Neola®. The market preparations before the launch of Neola®, Neonatal Lung Analyzer, has been initiated through a partnership with the international network 99NICU and the new webinar series “NEOvations”. 99NICU is an internet-based neonatology network founded by staff from Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. It was founded as a platform for sharing experiences and expertise, regardless of location and time zone. The network’s new webinar series, NEOvations, aims to provide both insights into new innovations within neonatal care and to open possibilities to share knowledge and experiences.

On February 14, Neola Medical its medical device Neola®, Neonatal Lung Analyzer, in 99NICU’s webinar series NEOvations. During the webinar, the Italian neonatologist Prof Gianluca Lista, MD Ph.D., talked about Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) and how the care of preterm born infants can be improved by non-invasive lung monitoring. Also Dr Christopher Harris, MD Ph.D., participated in the webinar and told more about monitoring of neonates, specifically during resuscitation. Thereafter, the webinar ended with a Q&A.

For those who missed this interesting webinar it was recorded and can be seen here.


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