This is a translation of the Swedish press release published 2023-03-30

Neola Medical AB (publ) announces today that the company together with Skåne University Hospital Lund and Lund University have received a grant from Medtech4Health and SWElife for a research project through the call for proposals for Collaborative projects for better health (Samverkansprojekt för bättre hälsa). The project’s budget includes 3 million SEK and the grant finances 50% of the costs. The project will investigate the possibilities to develop the light source used in Neola Medical’s medical device Neola™, to enable lung monitoring of a new patient group; older children during intensive care and surgery.

“When children are anesthetized before surgery, and in intensive care of children, there is a need to monitor the children’s lungs and quickly detect complications related to respiration. Children have much smaller margins than adults and it is important to quickly treat complications that arise. The project will investigate the technical possibilities and limitations for expanding the patient group to older children.”, says Emilie Krite Svanberg, intensive care doctor at the Children’s Hospital at Skåne University Hospital.

With the medical technology device Neola™, Neonatal Lung Analyzer, Neola Medical are industrializing research from Lund University that enables continuous lung monitoring of preterm born infants in intensive care. This collaborative project MILLA (Monitoring In Lungs using Light Amplification), aims to enable continuous lung monitoring in an additional patient group; older children in intensive care and during surgery. Neola Medical will participate as experts of the technology and to ensure that the solutions can be integrated into the existing device while meeting regulatory regulations and standards. Doctors in intensive care and other clinicians from Skåne University Hospital Lund will ensure that the device is designed in a way that meets the real healthcare need. The research group from the Department of Combustion Physics at Lund University contributes with technical expertise in optics, lasers, and measurement methods to evaluate various technical solutions and methods.

“Our research collaboration with Lund University and Skåne University Hospital Lund has already resulted in medical technology for lung monitoring that might improve the care of preterm born infants. Vinnova has enabled the start of our new research collaboration that aims to establish conditions for the technology to reach other important patient groups as well, children in intensive care and during surgery. Interdisciplinary collaborations are highly important, not only for us but for continued research and innovation in Sweden. Collaborations like this creates invaluable synergetic effects between technical competences and medical needs and it enables new innovations within under invested areas such as medical technology for children.”, says Hanna Sjöström CEO at Neola Medical.

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