Meetings with investors and potential investors are an important part of the Company’s work to strengthen an international network. One part of this is conducting company presentations and attend various conferences, both Swedish and international. Recently, CEO Hanna Sjöström attended J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2023 in the U.S. and presented the Company at the Biotech Showcase. We did a short interview with her to find out more about the conference.

An important part of the Company’s work is to build a strong international network of key opinion leaders and leading international actors before market launch and commercialization of the medical technology device, Neola®. Attending and presenting at various conferences and congresses, both national and international, is a central part of this work to create connections with investors and other actors within the field. CEO Hanna Sjöström has a key role in this and recently she was in San Francisco to visit the large international event J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2023 and Biotech Showcase. We did a short interview to summarize her visit.

Could you tell a bit more about your week in San Francisco?

In the beginning of January, I went to San Francisco to attend the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. It is the largest international platform for connecting companies and investors in the Life Science industry. During my week in the U.S. I had the opportunity to attend various forum and events as well as having several individual meetings. I also had the opportunity to present the Company at the Digital Medicine and Medtech Showcase, a part of the Biotech Showcase. The presentation was a unique opportunity for presenting the Company in an international setting with important investors and international leading actors within Life Science.

What do you take with you from these days?

I of course take with me many new thoughts from all the inspiring conversations I have had with Life Science investors and industrial leaders through individual meetings at the conference. The industry is still growing and although capital raising from Venture Capital within the health care sector in the U.S. decreased in 2022 compared to 2021, the investments are still at a very high level and the future looks bright for the industry. For Neola Medical, I can ascertain that we are right in time to offer non-invasive and continuous monitoring of patients, something that is asked for by the doctors. Furthermore, I take with me the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received on Neola Medical, both at the investor meetings and on our presentation at and our development at the Biotech Showcase.

How would you summarize the conference?

It was a very interesting conference where I had the opportunity to meet many investors and other leading actors within Life Science from all over the world and get updates on the latest developments in the industry and the future trends. The conference really gathers the entire industry and I take with me lots of new knowledge and exciting ideas from this week.

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