During the first quarter of 2023, Neola Medical has initiated the market preparation work before launch of Neola®. As the American market is an important future market, we attend several conferences in the U.S. and create connections with American neonatologists. Attending conferences is therefore an important part of the market preparations, and at the same time key for taking part in the latest research. In the end of April, CEO Hanna Sjöström and CTO Sara Bergsten attended the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) meeting in Washington, DC. We have done a shorter interview with CEO Hanna Sjöström to get to know more about the conference.

CEO Hanna Sjöström and CTO Sara Bergsten recently attended the annual PAS conference, that this year was arranged on April 27 – May 1 in Washington. The conference connects pediatricians and other caregivers from across the globe and it is an important opportunity to meet an international audience of researchers, clinicians, and educators. Every year, there are over a thousand participants from over 60 countries that gathers at the conference. At this year’s PAS conference, the research team from INFANT Center at University College Cork also attended and presented a poster of the results from a research study where Neola Medical’s technology has been evaluated. We have done a shorter interview with CEO Hanna Sjöstöm to summarize the visit in Washington.

Could you tell a bit more about the conference?

It was a couple of intensive days in Washington where we had the opportunity to meet pediatricians, clinicians, and researchers from across the globe, at the same time as we could take part in the latest research within pediatrics and neonatology. We had the possibility to listen to several interesting lectures, but what I especially take with me are the engaging conversations we have had with different key opinion leaders during the conference. I can also ascertain that Neola Medical are right in time to develop a medical device that offers non-invasive and continuous monitoring of patients, something that is asked for by the doctors.

Could you explain more about the poster that the Irish research team presented?

The Irish research team, with Jurate Panaviene, from INFANT Center had a poster where they presented the results from a research study where our technology for continuous lung monitoring, GASMAS, has been evaluated. We’re happy to see the great interest in the technology used in Neola® and the interest in the poster. The poster presented the results from the study where a research version of Neola® has been used to measure a mannequin of a baby born in week 25. The study was the first to examine the feasibility of using the GASMAS-technology to detect changes in lung oxygen and in the study, it was confirmed that GASMAS has potential clinical application for monitoring the lungs of preterm born babies.

How would you summarize the conference?

It was a very good conference where we had the opportunity to meet with important key opinion leaders. Amongst others we had meetings with, Dr. Vineet Bhandari, head of the neonatology department at The Children’s Regional Hospital at Cooper Medical School and board member of the Pediatric Academic Societies, and Dr. Daniele De Luca, professor in pediatrics at the Université Paris-Saclay and deputy chair of the Respiratory Section in European Society for Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care (ESPNIC). The conference was also an opportunity to take part in the latest updates about the development in the field, as well as getting an understanding for future trends. The PAS-conference really gathers the largest shareholders within neonatology and pediatrics, and we have gotten lots of new knowledge and exciting ideas from these days.

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