This is a translation of the Swedish press release 2022-09-21

The recruitment of 100 newborn babies to the clinical study NIOMI (Non-Invasive Lung Oxygen Monitoring in Term Infants) at University College Cork, Ireland, have now been completed. Positive subgroup results have been reported from the study, in which Neola Medical’s medical technology device Neola® is used. The clinical study investigates the possibility to give real-time information about the lung function in newborn babies. Subgroup results from the first 50 newborn babies participating in the study was presented at a conference in the U.S. in April 2022. Now 100 newborn babies have participated in the clinical study after a successful recruitment. This is the largest clinical study ever with the Neola® technology. During the fall analyzes of the data is being performed for the purpose of publishing the results in scientific journals.

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