A Little Light Listening is a podcast where the latest developments in science and technology that are based on the science of light are discussed. The podcast is produced by the Irish Photonic Integration Centre in partnership with Science Foundation Ireland, and in the latest episode, Light Saving Lungs, CEO Hanna Sjöström, together with Professor Stefan Anderson-Engels discuss GASMAS-technology and the possibilities this may have for healthcare, not the least for the care of preterm born babies. In this episode, they discuss how light can help doctors understand how the lungs of preterm born infants’ function and they explain the possibilities with GASMAS (Gas in Scattering Media Absorption Spectroscopy).

In this episode, CEO Hanna Sjöström talks about her background within business and technology and how this knowledge contributes to Neola Medical’s (previously GPX Medical) development. In the episode, the listener also gets further insights into the development of Neola®, Neonatal Lung Analyzer, the company’s medicine technology device for continuous lung monitoring of preterm born babies. The Neola®-device uses the GASMAS-technology, and the possibilities with this advanced technology are discussed more in depth in this episode. The clinical study at University College Cork and INFANT Centre where the Neola®-technology is used is also highlighted, as this type of collaboration is valuable for developing advanced technology.

This and much more is discussed in the episode, listen to it here: A Little Light Listening – Light Saving Lungs