“When political processes take time, we are the catalyst that makes things happen.” – SwedenBio is forming a new expert network to develop the MedTech industry in Sweden, which has long faced challenges with political and bureaucratic processes that impeding advancement and the integration of Swedish medical innovations into the country’s healthcare system.

CEO Hanna Sjöström has been appointed Chairman of the MedTech task force at SwedenBio, comprising Senior Executives representing diverse Medtech companies. Leveraging her expertise in pioneering cutting-edge medical devices aimed at addressing unmet clinical needs and enhancing patient outcomes, she champions the integration of technology into healthcare. With a keen focus on the transformative power of technology in healthcare, the MedTech task force at Sweden Bio drives forward the agenda to propel Swedish healthcare into a new era. Central to the mission is the empowerment of Swedish MedTech companies to ascend as global frontrunners in the industry.

“The MedTech industry plays a crucial role in Sweden’s landscape, marrying the realms of medicine and technology to enhance healthcare outcomes. Leading the MedTech task force at SwedenBio is a privilege, as we collaborate to fortify Sweden’s position in this field, both in Sweden and globally. Our mission encompasses pivotal issues for Swedish MedTech companies, including global competitiveness, talent acquisition in medicine and technology, fostering an innovation-friendly environment, and reinstating Swedish hospitals as pioneers in technology integration, thereby ensuring our citizens have access to cutting-edge advancements in healthcare.”, says CEO Hanna Sjöström.

The expert network at Sweden Bio consists of working groups and task forces in various areas, comprising CEOs and senior employees from small to large companies within industry. These constitute the engine of SwedenBIO’s specific way of working to translate words into action – with the help of the network’s expertise – identify, analyze, and address the challenges facing the industry. The goal is to influence decision-makers and accelerate change that improves people’s health in Sweden and the world through medical innovations.

Meet the MedTech task force:
Chariman: Hanna Sjöström, CEO Neola Medical
Secretary general: Frida Eriksson, SwedenBIO
Members: Britta Stenson (Business Sweden), Julia Netrval (Thermo Fisher), Malin von Heideken (Advokatfirman Hammarskiöld & Co), Sofia Spjuth (Veranex Sweden), Mats Högberg (RegSmart Life Science)

Read more about the different work groups and task forces from the expert network at SwedenBio at the link here: SwedenBio’s Expert Network

About SwedenBio
SwedenBIO is the national industry organization for life sciences in Sweden that aim to develop a nationally vibrant and internationally competitive life science industry in Sweden. Member companies within SwedenBIO primarily focus on the development of biotechnology, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology, or they specialize in areas such as business development, intellectual property, and legal matters. SwedenBIO also brings together financiers, incubators, science parks, regional investment promotion actors, and many more. A common characteristic among all members is their contribution to the advancement of medical innovations that enhance people’s health in Sweden and around the world. SwedenBio was founded in 2002, and is a non-profit membership organization.