This is a translation of the Swedish press release published 2022-10-05

A new scientific article has been published in Pediatric Research, one of the leading international pediatric journals, showing the benefits of the GASMAS-technology, used, and patented by Neola Medical for continuous lung monitoring of preterm born infants.

Neola Medical develops Neola®, a medical device for continuous non-invasive monitoring of the lungs of pre-term born infants. The technology used is described in a new scientific article in one of the leading international journals for pediatric research. The article presents the GASMAS-technology as a potential tool in neonatal respiratory care. It is concluded that “Compared with other devices currently used in clinical practice for lung function monitoring, GASMAS has the advantages of bedside availability, continuous monitoring option, and unique information about molecular oxygen content inside the lung”.

The article presents this novel optical technology to measure lung oxygen gas concentration, which may have important clinical uses. This review also summarizes the current literature investigating the concept of optical lung oxygen gas measurement, and information from this review can therefore guide researchers in future studies.

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