In a new equity research report by Neola Medical, Analyst Group writes that the company’s market niche should be considered a Blue ocean, an undisputed market space, with the lack of direct competitors.

After validation of Neola® and CE marking and FDA approval, respectively, product launch is expected in 2023. The potential market in Europe and the USA consists of almost 29,000 beds where the product can be placed. Analyst Group writes that after the expected launch, Neola Medical’s non-invasive technology is expected to generate rapid sales growth with revenues reaching SEK 84.4 million in 2026.

Analyst Group believes that Neola Medical in the medium-term can be an attractive acquisition target for larger medtech companies such as Getinge, Dräger, Philips and others. With average costs of SEK 1.5 million per month, Neola Medical has the resources to continue operations for up to 18 months. The recently completed rights issue in September 2021 was oversubscribed by 20 percent and raised a total of SEK 24 million.

Read the analysis from Analyst group here.